Where is everyone moving to now that they can work remotely?

Hello hello, whether you are brand new around her, or been stopping by for quite some time. Our little corner of the Interwebs is here for you to answer all of your questions about relocating to our local real estate market. Today I will be sharing with you the 12 hottest real estate markets where people are relocating to!

12. Houston, Texas + The Suburbs

Why are people moving to Houston? - The weather, no state income tax, conservatism, land and acreage options, different types of housing options, the over 20 suburban options that offer something for everyone, the fact that it is viewed "family friendly", the award winning school districts, the "affordable" housing, the fact that you can "get more for your money", and the plethora of opportunities that awaits the corporate employee or entrepreneurial spirit. Easiest market on the list to purchase, if you are not a cash buyer.
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11. Miami, Florida

Why are people moving to Miami? - It is on the east coast, not too far from New York and New Jersey, with better weather and no state income tax. Middle class has a healthy amount of options between $300,000 and $500,000.

10. Las Vegas, Nevada

Why are people moving to Las Vegas? - No state income tax, great weather, and the relative affordability with great restaurant options and built in entertainment. Lowest unemployment rate among the top metro cities. Las Vegas was the second fastest-growing city in the United States in 2020.

9. Riverside, California

Why are people moving to Riverside? - Location & diversity in terrain! It is only 30 minutes from Los Angeles, 45 minutes from Newport Beach, 30 minutes from Palm Springs, and 30 minutes form the mountains. The prices are more affordable compared to the other popular areas of California.

8. Washington, D.C.

Why are people moving to Washington, D.C.? - Because of the low interest rates more first time home buyers and move-up buyers are stimulating the market. The activity within the government created some movement in the market as well, especially for the non-permanent resident alien status. It is one of the easiest places for individuals with an ITIN number to purchase. Making it a great place for investors to enter the market. 

7. Dallas, Texas

Why people are moving to Dallas? - Dallas, like Houston, has amazing suburban options with award winning schools. It is also a huge business hub with similar markets: tech, medical, financial services and defense. Dallas also has several big organizations such as: Toyota, American Airlines, and Amazon. The main difference between Dallas and Houston is the weather. You will get more general year round warmer weather in Houston, plus you have the ocean there.
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6. Denver, Colorado

Why are people moving to Denver? - More and more people are discovering Colorado than ever before. Before the Internet, most would have thought of Colorado as cold, but it actually gets more sunshine than Florida. There are many amazing outdoor activities: hiking, skiing, fishing, and biking, really great restaurants, sports, and entertainment, such as theater. They have great public transportation, and a great airport. Downtown is considered to be very fun and safe. Individuals between 25 and 45-years-old are really driving the growth. The fact that marijuana is legal, might be part of it.

5. Atlanta, Georgia

Why are people moving to Atlanta? - The fantastic weather, low taxes, a thriving economy, the fact that it is considered "family-friendly", nice lakes for recreation, and year-round golf, are just a few of the reasons folks are moving to Atlanta. The city has lots of activity, museums, parks, bars and restaurants. Some of its popular suburbs include: Virginia Highland, Buckhead, Midtown, and Druid Hills, with Decantur, Kirkwood, and Adair Park being the most affordable. 

4. Tampa, Florida

Why are people moving to Tampa? - Tampa has sun about 300 or so days a year allowing folks to enjoy the great outdoors almost year round. With the recent revitalization of Downtown Tampa and the expansion of the Riverwalk, Tampa is on its way to have improved walkability and bikability, helping fuel its grown. Homes are affordable, with many suburb options. The area is also known for its affordability, beauty, entertainment, low taxes (no state income tax), great beaches, and steady job growth. 

3. Nashville, Tennesse 

Why are people moving to Nashville? - The biggest reason for Nashville’s growth is the redevelopment of Lower Broadway and 2nd Avenue. This area houses the Arena District with its tourism, bars, restaurants, and businesses. The area is home to more than 20 colleges and universities including: Vanderbilt, MTSU, Lipscomb, Tennessee State, and Belmont. The suburbs are also known for its amazing schools and being touted as "family friendly". Making Nashville a popular attraction for those relocating is its extremely low taxes. If you love great music and vibrant entertainment, this city might be calling your name.

2. Phoenix, Arizona

Why are people moving to Phoenix? - Its close proximity to major cities many are fleeing from in California, Washington, and Oregon, have fueled the growth of Phoenix. Couple that with its amazing weather, affordability, great freeway systems, plenty of room for growth, entertainment options & sports, culture, its beauty, and employment opportunities, you will start to see why folks are relocating there. 

1. Austin, Texas

Why are people moving to Austin? - Texas is known for being a business-friendly state. Just take a look at the actions of Oracle, Tesla, and Apple. Some are even going as far to call it, Silicon Valley 2.0. Austin is also known as the music capital of the world, being the host of SXSW each year. There is so much to love about Austin, including its amazing: restaurants, dive bars, food trucks, lakes, rivers, hiking, scenery, housing variety including high rise condos in Downtown Austin, fantastic university: University of Texas, and lots of business opportunities, but it is also important to know it is not known for its affordability: homes close to downtown go for over 30% list price, and the cash competition is fierce.
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What to know about the Texas real estate market right now..

Any "move-in ready" and near perfect home is going to go under contract the first weekend it hits the market. Inventory is higher than 2020, but demand is out pacing that inventory growth.

  1. Inventory is extremely low for the demand, but sales are up from the last two years.
  2. The good homes go under contract within 3-6 days. Especially if they are under $750k.
  3. You can expect multiple offers, especially if the home is remodeled.
  4. Homes under $500k are known to sell for $10k - $25k over asking price, and they sell the fastest. Sometimes $500k-$650k are fast sellers.
  5. If you are financing your home purchase, offers with 20% or greater, with no contingencies including an appraisal waiver, a shorter (limited) option period, and a quick close are your only leg up when winning compared to a cash offer.
  6. The prices are highly desirable homes are up anywhere from 10-15%, depending on location and square footage, compared to last year.
  7. You will be paying an ultimate premium to purchase a home with a pool.
  8. Working with a local lender and experienced real estate agent is key!

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