What is the best school district in all of Greater Houston?

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Today we are going to be talking all things schools: school districts, school ratings, school facts, and more. I am going to make a couple assumptions as we get started: I am going to assume you are a young professional or newly married, and you want to live in an area where there are good schools, that maybe you are a first time home buyer wanting to make sure your new home is zoned to a great school, or that you are relocating to and are doing your research on where the best schools are...

Before we get started, keep in mind each suburb, city, and neighborhood has so much to offer. I know that there are so many to choose from in the Houston area, and I know there is one that perfectly fits your needs. If you need help navigating, don’t forget to reach out to me (scheduling a call or email is best).

What to read next: Family Friendly & Kid Friendly Neighborhoods of... In these blog posts I take the A rated schools, and tell you what neighborhoods to check out!

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What is the best school district in all of Greater Houston?

We are going to start this comparison from a very high level. We are going to look at district ratings, and I want to preface this by saying, please only use the TEA rating system. There are two other popular websites, GreatSchools.org and Niche.com, that I do not recommend relying it. I find that information to be bias, and I personally belief it doesn't have a leg to stand on, for lack of better words. So all ratings below, and within ALL of my recommendations, pull from the TEA's (Texas Education Agency) rating system. And we are going to look at pre-covid statistics.

Alvin ISD: 89 (B) - Really deserved an A rating.*
Clear Creek ISD: 89 (B) - Really deserved an A rating.*
Conroe ISD: 89 (B) - Really deserved an A rating.*
Cy-Fair ISD: 89 (B) - Really deserved an A rating.*
Fort Bend ISD: 89 (B) - Really deserved an A rating.*
Friendswood ISD: 94 (A)
Houston ISD: 88 (B)
Humble ISD: 88 (B)
Katy ISD: 92 (A)
Klein ISD: 89 (B) - Really deserved an A rating.*
Magnolia ISD: 87 (B)
Montgomery ISD: 93 (A)
New Caney ISD: 85 (B)
Pearland ISD: 89 (B) - Really deserved an A rating.*
Spring ISD: 78 (C)
Tomball ISD: 92 (A)
Willis ISD: 85 (B)

*This district did not receive an A rating overall because the district includes at least one campus with an overall rating of D or F.

A Rated Districts or Averaged an A Rating

Friendswood ISD (94 - A)
Montgomery ISD (93 - A)
Katy ISD (92 - A)
Tomball ISD (92 - A)

Klein ISD
Conroe ISD
Cy-Fair ISD
Alvin ISD | Link to all the A and B rated schools.
Clear Creek ISD | Link to all the A and B rated schools.
Fort Bend ISD | Link to all the A and B rated schools.
Pearland ISD | Link to all the A and B rated schools.

B Rated Districts

Houston ISD | Link to all the A and B rated schools.
Humble ISD | Link to all the A and B rated schools.
Magnolia ISD | Link to all the A and B rated schools.
New Caney ISD | Link to all the A and B rated schools.
Willis ISD | Link to all the A and B rated schools.

Next Step

Now it is great to know the rating of the school district. Schools get a lot of their funding through test score performance, so you would want to initially focus on school district rating, but what would be more important, and focusing on specific schools. As you can assume, when you buy a house, you will be zoned to 3 (sometimes 4, if the high school or junior high is split into two buildings/schools). So you will want to check the ratings of all zoned schools. I personally start my focus on elementary school. So below are the A Rated schools for the top districts. Har.com has conveniently organized all of the TEA ratings into one searched spot: https://www.har.com/school.

Friendswood ISD A and B Rated Schools

In Friendswood ISD all of the schools are A rated, with Windsong Intermediate receiving designations & Cline Elementary one designation.

Cline Elementary School Westwood Elementary School
Wingsong Intermediate Friendswood Junior High
Bales Intermediate Friendswood High School

Montgomery ISD A & B Rated Schools

Montgomery ISD has 6 A rated schools, 3 B rated schools, and one C rated elementary school. I am featuring the A and B rated schools below. Lonestar Elementary School received the highest designations followed by Stewart Creek Elementary School.

Keenan Elementary Lone Star Elementary School
Madeley Ranch Elementary School Montgomery Elementary School (B)
Stewart Creek Elementary School (B) Montgomery Junior High School (B)
Oak Hills Junior High High (A) Lake Creek High School
Montgomery High School

Katy ISD A & B Rated Schools

Katy ISD houses 64 schools within its district. Thirty-four of them are A rated with Beckendorff Junior High School, Cinco Ranch High School, Cinco Ranch Junior High School, McMeans Junior High School, Griffin Elementary School, Hayes Elementary School, Katy Elementary School, Kilpatrick Elementary School, Wolman Elementary School, Beck Junior High School, Alexander Elementary School, Seven Lakes High School, Seven Lakes Junior High School, Stanley Elementary School, Taylor High School, Tays Junior High School, Wilson Elementary School, and Tompkins High School all receiving high designations. Twenty-five of the district's schools are B rated with Katy Junior High School Mayde Creek Elementary School, Mayde Creek High School, Mayde Creek Junior High School, McRoberts Elementary School, Paetow High School, McDonald Junior High School, West Memorial High School, and Sundown Elementary School all receiving high designations.

All A rated schools. All B rated Schools.
A rated elementary schools. B rated elementary schools.

Tomball ISD A & B Rated Schools

Tomball ISD houses 19 schools within its district: eleven are A rated, and seven are B rated. The schools that received the highest designation schools are Creekside Forest Elementary School, Creekside Park Junior High, Decker Prairie Elementary School, Oakcrest Intermediate, Northpointe Intermediate, Tomball Intermediate, Tomball Memorial High School, Tomball Star Academy, and Willow Wood Junior High School.

Creekside Forest Elementary School Creekview Elementary School
Lakewood Elementary School Timber Creek Elementary School
Canyon Pointe Elementary School (B) Decker Prairie Elementary School (B)
Rosehill Elementary School (B) Wildwood Elementary School (B)
Willow Creek Elementary School Creekside Park Junior High School (6th-8th)
Northpointe Intermediate (5th-6th) Oakcrest Intermediate (5th-6th)
Tomball Intermediate (5th-6th)(B) Willow Wood Junior High School (7th-8th)
Tomball High School (B) Tomball Junior High School
Tomball Star Academy Tomball Memorial High School

Klein ISD A & B Rated Schools

Klein ISD has forty-seven schools within its district. Nine are A rated and 23 are B rated. Schools within the district that received designation awards include: Benignus Elementary School, Benignus Elementary School, Benfer Elementary School, Ehrhardt Elementary School, Eiland Elementary School, French Elementary School, Hassler Elementary School, Klein Cain High School, Krahn Elementary School, Kreinhop Elementary School, Brill Elementary School, Mahaffey Elementary School, Metlzer Elementary School, Schultz Elementary School, Strack Intermediate School, Theiss Elementary School, and Zwink Elementary School.

Benignus Elementary School Benignus Elementary School
Ehrhardt Elementary School (B) Eiland Elementary School (B)
French Elementary School (B) Hassler Elementary School
Krahn Elementary School (B) Kreinhop Elementary School (B)
Mahaffey Elementary School Metlzer Elementary School
Schultz Elementary School (B) Theiss Elementary School
Zwink Elementary School Blackshear Elementary School (B)
Frank Elementary School Benfer Elementary School (B)
Brill Elementary School Haude Elementary School (B)
Kohrville Elementary School (B) Kuehnle Elementary School (B)
McDougle Elementary School Doerre Intermediate School (B)
Hofius Intermediate School (B) Kleb Intermediate School (B)
Krimmel Intermediate School (B) Schindewolf Intermediate School (B)
Klein Cain High School (B) Klein Collins High School (B)
Klein High School (B) Klein Oak High School (B)

Cypress-Fairbanks (Cy-Fair) ISD A Rated Schools

Cy-Fair ISD has 86 schools within its district. Here is a link to all of the A and B rated schools; there are 76 of them. I am going to list the 18 A rated elementary schools below. The ones with asterisks received high designations. The top rated high schools in the district include: Bridgleand, Cy-Fair, Cypress Ranch, Cypress Woods, and Langham Creek.

Birkes* Black
Copeland* Danish*
Farney* Hairgrove*
Hamilton Keith
Moore Pope*
Postma* Rennell
Robison Sampson*
Swenke Warner
Wells Woodard

Conroe ISD A Rated Schools

Conroe ISD has 61 schools within its district. Here is a link to all of the A and B rated schools; there are 45 of them. I am going to list the 12 A rated elementary schools below. The ones with asterisks received high designations. The top rated high schools in the district include: College Park High School, Grand Oaks High School, and The Woodlands High School.

Birnham Woods Broadway
Buckalew* (In The Woodlands) Bush* (In The Woodlands)
David* (In The Woodlands) Deretchin (In The Woodlands)
Galatas (In The Woodlands) Kaufman
Powell (In The Woodlands) Ride (In The Woodlands)
Synder Tough (In The Woodlands)

So I know that was a lot of data to take in, but I wanted to present y'all with everything, so that you can make an informed decision on where to purchase a home. It is almost always a correlation, that if you find a good or great school, you will feel safe in your community, and be able to stay there long term. I am so happy to have gotten the chance to share this information with y'all. If you are ready for the next step: whether it is talking on the phone with me, you would like me to set up a search for specific schools, or finding out what neighborhoods zone to a particular school, I am here for you, and I look forward to hearing from you. One more resource I want to make sure I share with you is this blog post category. I took the A rated schools in the cities of Spring, Klein, Conroe, The Woodlands, Tomball, Cypress, Magnolia, and Katy, and I created lists of all the most popular neighborhoods that zone to those schools. I think this will be a really good starting point if you aren't ready to chat. <3


We are so happy you found our little corner of the interwebs. We look forward to y'all reaching out to us. We love to answer questions and welcome them. Recently we created some local maps, and you can download those by clicking the image/link above. Below, you will find an index of some very helpful information to assist you in learning more about the Houston suburbs. If you are relocating to our neck of the woods, we hope you reach out to us, because we would love to help you by being your local realtor and friend. Thoughtfully written for you. Hugs, Jo.


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