What are the suburbs of Houston?

Hi friend! I am so excited you find our little corner of the Interwebs!  Are you trying to figure out where to live in the Houston, Texas Suburbs? Well, in this blog post we will be sharing with you the suburbs of Houston! If you need help navigating the local real estate market, or you are feeling a little overwhelmed, feel free to reach out to us via e-mail or by scheduling a call. We also have a very resourceful YouTube page, and many other blog posts to help guide you. Welcome to the Jo & Co. experience! map of houston and suburbs 1. The Woodlands

The Woodlands is an award winning master planned community north of Houston that many think is a city, when actually it is a newly established township. What makes The Woodlands amazing, is the level of dedication and attention that was put into its concept and execution. It truly is a bubble surrounded by the most beautiful trees and water features. The Woodlands was developed in villages, and truly has something for everyone. Homes start in the $250s, but starting in the $400s is where you really find the "good stuff". What makes The Woodlands most loved is the walkability, community wide amenities, and easy access to the best shopping and restaurants! You can learn more about The Woodlands by visiting our YouTube Channel, by emailing us, or even by scheduling a 1-on-1 call with me, Jordan!
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2. Katy

Katy is the second most popular suburb in the Houston area. It is located west of downtown Houston off of I-10. What has really fueled the growth in Katy is its easy access to the Energy Corridor, and the abundance of land availability. There is/was so much farm and pasture land. I believe the true heart of Katy is the new section of Cinco Ranch (2003-2020) and the La Centerra shopping center, which opened in 2007. Cinco Ranch (8100 acres, 14,000 homes) was the first master planned community to hit Katy to really plant their stake. What makes Katy attract families and individuals is its walkable, its intuitively placed park system, and proximity to the city. You can learn more about Katy by visiting our YouTube Channel.
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➟ Homes for Sale in Cinco Ranch: https://byjoandco.com/cinco-ranch-homes-for-sale

3. Cypress

Cypress has seen some astronomical growth of the last 5-10 years. And with the introduction and growth of the retail centers, it is really turning into the suburb we always wanted it to become. Fairfield and the general area around Fairfield was the original heart of Cypress, but the attention is more in the Bridgeland and Towne Lake are of Cypress now. In Cypress you can find the infamous 290 Cypress Outlets aka, one of my favorite places to shop (Hello Nike, Burberry, Saks off 5th, and so much more. Lol.). If you have never heard of Bridgeland of Towne Lake, you are really missing out. Bridgeland is the fastest growing master planned community in all of Houston. You can find a Cypress playlist on my YouTube Channel!
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➟ Homes for Sale in my favorite master-planned communities in Cypress: http://byjoandco.com/master-planned-cypress-texashome

4. Sugar Land

Sugar Land is the next recommended suburb on the list. What makes this a top pick for buyers is its proximity to downtown Houston and the Medical Center! It truly is the best neighborhood if you want the suburbs, award winning schools, and a 20-25 minute commute that won't make you want to pull your hair out. There are SO many amazing neighborhoods in Sugar Land, and you can find them all on that link below!
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➟ Homes for Sale in my favorite master-planned communities in Sugar Land: http://byjoandco.com/best-sugar-land-neighborhoods

5. Spring & Klein

Next on the list is Spring! This is probably one of the most established areas on the list and rather large in size. It houses a good section of The Woodlands, all of Klein, and lots of new construction off Rayford along the Grand Paryway 99. I talk a lot about Spring on the YouTube channel. It has so much to offer, and the greatest appeal is the value in the 77379 area. The taxes are super low, and there are some award winning schools that I cannot say enough about! Can you tell I live here (in the Klein area)? I love my proximity to the rest of Houston and The Woodlands. Right in the middle of EVERYTHING.
➟ Our YouTube Channel: http://byjoandco.com/youtube
➟ The Spring/Klein Playlist: http://byjoandco.com/kleinspringplaylist
➟ Homes for Sale in Klein ISD: http://byjoandco.com/favoriteklein
➟ Homes for Sale in Conroe ISD: http://byjoandco.com/conroe-isd-spring-tx

6. Tomball

Tomball is an amazing community and city that some forget about. I am loving the newer neighborhoods in Tomball, and the school district as a whole. If I were to move anytime soon, I would either move to Montgomery County or seek out Tomball ISD in the rural areas. We are desperately wanting land, but not sure it is the right move right now.
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➟ Homes for Sale in Tomball: http://byjoandco.com/newtomball

7. Fulshear

Oh my gosh, I just love Fulshear. I have recently refallen in love with this area. I use to live in Cinco Ranch, and Cross Creek Ranch (my favorite neighborhood in Fulshear) now bumps up to Cinco Ranch, which is in Katy. So you can live in Cross Creek Ranch, with all of its master planned amazingness, and still have all the amenities of Cinco Ranch, while being on the edge of new. I haven't done much on the channel about Fulshear, but if you dig, you will find a vlog. Lol.
➟ Homes for Sale in Cross Creek Ranch: http://byjoandco.com/cross-creek-ranch-homes-for-sale ➟ Fulshear Homes for Sale under $400k | Link. ➟ Homes with Pools in Fulshear | Link. ➟ Homes for sell in Fulshear in Master Planned Communities | Link.

8. Humble

So there is something super important to know about Humble: there is the new part and the old part of Humble.. I love the new part. My favorite neighborhoods are: Balmoral, Fall Creek, and The Groves. I also love the commute from this neighborhood to downtown Houston!
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➟ Homes for Sale in Humble: http://byjoandco.com/new-humble

9. Friendswood

Friendswood is one of my favorite communities if you are looking to live south of the city. It was founded over 125 years ago as a Quaker community with its roots deep in religion and education. In the 1950s it was viewed as a solid Houston Suburb. 75% off the city is made up of families. Proximity to Nasa, downtown Houston and Galveston, coupled with its award-winning school districts, are just a couple reasons many call it home! Although the city itself is well established (older), there are still some new developments. I love Friendswood Trails, West Ranch, and Autumn Lakes.
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➟ Homes for Sale in Friendswood: http://byjoandco.com/friendswoodhomes

10. Conroe

Conroe has been named the fastest growing city in the United States. And it certainly warrants that title because of all the land opportunities. Conroe, just north of the prestigious neighborhood of The Woodlands, houses the county seat and school district for The Woodlands. This area is popular for larger lot sizes and abundance of different neighborhoods in all price points. Also you cannot forget Conroe houses Lake Conroe: a 21,000-acre recreational lake!
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➟ Homes for Sale in Conroe: http://byjoandco.com/homesinconroe
➟ New Homes for Sale in Conroe: http://byjoandco.com/newconroehomes

11. Montgomery

Montgomery, Texas is the "birthplace of the Texas Flag" which means, it's historic and has a lot of history. Many people choose Montgomery for the trees and old town feel while still enjoying the city perks of local grocery stores. There are many wonderful neighborhoods in Montgomery, with many of them being on the lake's edge. Montgomery is the opportunity for land and new construction, or even townhome/condo living near the lake provides a lot of variety for the housing market.

➟  Montgomery Homes with Pools | Link.
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➟  Homes for sell in Walden, Montgomery, Lake Conroe Area | Link.

12. Magnolia

The small town charm draws people in. Magnolia is named after the beautiful Magnolia trees that grow and can be seen around the area. The availability of land and lots, new construction, and oversized lots are some of the key highlights of living in Magnolia. Most of Magnolia is Magnolia ISD, while portions closest to The Woodlands are Conroe ISD. Keep in mind Magnolia is very big, with more parts being more rural than others.

➟  Magnolia Homes with Pools | Link.
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➟  Homes for sell in Magnolia ISD | Link.
➟  Homes for Sale in Magnolia on 1+ Acres | Link.

13. Kingwood

Kingwood is home to large lots, mature neighborhoods and plenty of nature. With trees and the lake bordering parts of Kingwood, there are townhomes (Brownstones), resale options, and even new construction in the newer portion of Kingwood that expands into Porter and the northern parts of Kingwood.

➟ Kingwood New Construction Homes for Sale | Link.
➟ Kingwood Homes with Pools | Link.
➟ Homes for sell in Kingwood in Master Planned Communities | Link.
➟ Homes for sell in Kingwood on 1+ Acres | Link.

14. Splendora

The space for land and country feel draws in people that are looking for space while being only 37 miles away from central Houston. There is room for new construction and plenty of land to grow, with most of the homes being on at least 1 acre of land.

➟ Splendora New Construction | Link.
➟ Splendora homes with waterfront views | Link.
➟ Homes for sell in Splendora on 1+ Acres | Link.

17. Memorial City

The variety of homes, highrise/condo, traditional single-family homes, and luxury apartments in combination with it's location makes Memorial City desirable. The access to major parks like Memorial Park and. Bayou Bend Gardens, as well as employers is sought after. You can be local to all the nightlife and city life without being right in the center of it all.

➟ Memorial Condos/High-Rises for Sale | Link.
➟ Memorial Homes with Pools | Link.
➟ Homes for sell in Memorial on 1+ Acres | Link.

18. Richmond

The open space and availability of large lots, new construction, and great schools make Richmond desirable. It is in close proximity to Sugar Land without having to be under the high tax rates in Sugar Land. Access to freeways make Houston accessible and within a small commute. Both Lamar CISD and Fort Bend ISD are local to Richmond. These distrcits are both A rated and loved by many parents and students.

➟ Richmond New Construction | Link.
➟ Richmond Homes with Pools | Link.
➟ Homes for sell in Richmond in Master Planned Communities | Link.
➟ Homes for sell in Richmond on 1+ Acres | Link.

19. Rosenberg

Rosenberg has that small town, historic and rural feel to it. It is charming all while offering new construction homes and not being too outdated. You have access to a Walmart and you're getting that rural feel without being truly secluded from anything.

➟ Rosenberg New Construction Homes for Sale | Link.
➟ Rosenberg Homes for Sale with Pools | Link.
➟ Homes for sell in Rosenberg on 1+ Acres | Link.

20. Missouri City

The variety of homes, highrise/condo, traditional single-family homes, and luxury apartments in combination with it's location makes Memorial City desirable. The access to major parks like Memorial Park and Bayou Bend Gardens. Memorial City has great proximity to The Energy Corridor and Downtown Houston! You can be local to all the nightlife and city life without being right in the center of it all.

➟ Memorial Condos/High-Rises for Sale | Link. ➟ Memorial Homes with Pools | Link. ➟ Homes for sell in Memorial | Link.

21. Iowa Colony

Iowa Colony is it's own small town feel while being less than 30 minutes from central Houston. You have the opportunity to be in a new build/new construction home and enjoy the open land and space around you. The hustle and bustle of city life will not be present in Iowa Colony - but you're a tiny commute from it should you want to indulge every now and then.

➟ Iowa Colony New Construction Homes for Sale | Link.

22. Manvel

Manvel is sought after by many families and young professionals. Most people who live there own their homes and enjoy the proximity to central Houston while still enjoying the rural/suburban feel. The residents are said to be quiet and friendly and maintain moderate political views. With decent schools and options for new construction or traditional resale homes, this may make a great option for you and your family.

➟ Manvel New Construction Homes for Sale | Link.
➟ Manvel Homes for Sale with Pools | Link.
➟ Waterfront Homes for sell in Manvel | Link.
➟ Homes for sell in Manvel on 1+ Acres | Link.

23. Pearland

While Pearland being located in close proximity to anyone working in the downtown area plays a factor, the options new construction and plenty of parks also makes Pearland an option for some. You're local to Walmart, Target, Costco, and plenty of other necessary stores. The district boasts an A rating!

➟ Pearland New Construction Homes for Sale | Link.
➟ Pearland Homes for Sale with Pools | Link.
➟ Pearland One-Story Homes for Sale | Link.
➟ Homes for sell in Pearland on 1+ Acres | Link.

24. Friendswood

The proximity to the airport makes this a popular location for anyone who needs easy access to the airport often. The school district is rated when overall and you can be local to Lake Houston if that's desirable. Humble is a mature city with many mature neighborhoods. The school distrtict boasts an A+ rating. Friendswood ISD is ranked #10 best school districts in Texas, with no B or C schools in the district. All schools are A rated, making that remarkable A+ district rating.

➟ Friendswood New Construction Homes for Sale | Link.
➟ Friendswood Homes for Sale with Pools | Link.
➟ Homes for sell in Friendswood in Master Planned Communities | Link.
➟ Homes for sell in Friendswood on 1+ Acres | Link.

25. Kemah

Kemah draws people in for its attractions and lovely sense of community. But the A rated schools and proximity to water and things to do makes it special, and the amount of dining and shops available just makes it that much more appealing. Kemah is zoned to Clear Creek ISD which rates as an overall A district.

➟ Kemah Homes under $400k | Link. ➟ Kemah Homes for Sale with Pools | Link. ➟ Waterfront Homes for sell in Kemah | Link.

26. League City

League City has something for everyone, with the water nearby, and the historic district giving it that small town charm with Main Street lined with trees. League City draws many in that seek that quiet small town feel but still want newer and nice homes. League City is zoned to Clear Creek ISD which is an A rated district.

➟ League City New Construction Homes for Sale | Link. ➟ League City Homes for Sale with Pools | Link. ➟ Homes for sell in League City in Master Planned Communities | Link. ➟ Homes for sell in League City on 1+ Acres | Link.

27. Galveston

If you love the water, and/or want a vacation home that's a short drive from "home" (anything near Houston), then Galveston is a great choice. When looking for something to do, the options are endless, with bird watching, kayak launches, walking trails, multiple beaches, the pier and other attractions. Galveston is a great option for families, guy trips, girls trips, singles looking for a place to relax and enjoy the outdoors in -  everyone could find a way to enjoy the island.

➟ Galveston Homes under $400k | Link. ➟ Galveston Homes with Private Pools | Link. ➟ Waterfront Galveston Homes for Sale | Link. ➟ Homes for sell in Galveston on 1+ Acres | Link.

28. Pasadena

Pasadena was known for their strawberry fields and other various crops, but now Pasadena is known for all the refineries. This seems to be the biggest reason people live in the area, proximity to employers of those that work in the refineries. It is also very close to Houston's second biggest airport, Hobby Airport.

➟ Pasadena New Construction Homes for Sale | Link.
➟ Pasadena Homes for Sale with Pools | Link.
➟ Homes for sell in Pasadena under $400k | Link.
➟ Homes for sell in Pasadena on 1+ Acres | Link.

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