The Best Neighborhoods in the Houston TX Area (Newer Homes)

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The Best Neighborhoods in the Houston TX Area (Newer Homes)

I recognize I might be a little bias right along with being super knowledgable about the Houston suburbs, but... yeah... Lol... If you aren't new around here, you know that I love to share with you "where I would live". Well in today's post, all cards are on the table, as I share with you my favorite neighborhoods with newer homes (versus established neighborhoods). The number one reason why someone would not choose to live in a new or newer neighborhood would be the tax rates. The general rule of thumb, is that newer neighborhoods have a higher property tax rate due to the new MUD (municipal utility district). Think: water and sewer system. Over time, the MUD gets paid down, and the overall property tax rate drops. Check out this blog post to learn more about how property taxes work in Texas. But with that caution thrown to the wind, let me share with you my favorite new and newer construction neighborhoods:

  1. Creekside Park in The Woodlands (Tomball and Spring TX, Tomball ISD) | Homes for sale.
  2. Woodson's Reserve (Spring TX, Conroe ISD) | Homes for sale.
  3. Bridgeland (Cypress TX, Cypress-Fairbanks ISD) | Homes for sale.
  4. Woodforest (Montgomery TX, Conroe ISD & Montgomery ISD) | Homes for sale.
  5. Cross Creek Ranch (Fulshear TX, in the Katy area) | Homes for sale.
  6. Tamarron (Katy TX) | Homes for sale.
  7. Firethorne (Katy TX) | Homes for sale.
  8. Cane Island (Katy TX) | Homes for sale.
  9. Harvest Green (Richmond TX, close to Katy TX) | Homes for sale.
  10. Amira (Tomball TX, Tomball ISD) | Homes for sale.

And check out this fun chart I made comparing the areas:

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Learn more about Creekside Park. Learn more about Cross Creek Ranch. Learn more about Cane Island.
Learn more about Bridgeland. Learn more about Tamarron. Learn more about Woodson's Reserve.
Learn more about Harvest Green. Learn more about Firethorne. Learn more about Amira.

So yep, those are my favorites. They each have so much to offer, and I love all of them so much. If you wanted to know my favorites, just check out the walkability line of the chart. Those are for sure my favorites. Coming soon: my favorite established neighborhoods in this same format. (I forgot to put Woodforest on my chart. Cry face. You can find lots of new construction options, the crime rate is probably the lowest of all of the above, the walkability is an 8/10, the schools are good to great, and the amenities are out of this world. The sense of community and feeling of safety make it one of the best!) download_our_local_maps We are so happy you found our little corner of the interwebs. We look forward to y'all reaching out to us. We love to answer questions and welcome them. Recently we created some local maps, and you can download those by clicking the image/link above. Below, you will find an index of some very helpful information to assist you in learning more about the Houston suburbs. If you are relocating to our neck of the woods, we hope you reach out to us, because we would love to help you by being your local realtor and friend. Thoughtfully written for you. Hugs, Jo.  

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