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Today I am sharing with you a brand new video we have just published. In this video, I'm answering an important question that I've been asked frequently: Should I buy now, before the summer? Or should I wait and see what happens? In this video, I will tell you if you should buy now, why to wait, and most importantly, what you should know about the current real estate market. Watch the video below to get a better idea of the real estate market right now. I hope you enjoy this video, and don’t forget to subscribe.

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HELLO | Hi friend. I am answering a question I have been asked almost every day over the last few weeks, "Should I buy right now (before summer) or should I wait?" And I always preface the answer with, I promise I am not being salesy, but I would buy right away. For months and months, I have been telling my clients, that prices are rising $5k or more each week, and that is so accurate. Most homes are going between 5 and 10 percent over asking price. Well fast forward to three weeks ago, and interest rates jump. (It was a slow rise, but it bit so many of us in the arse.) So right this second there are less people (less buyers) on the market, but that is exactly why you should buy right now. Most buyers are not having to offer 10% over asking price... But how long will this last? I foreshadow another 21-35 days days. The moment we settle after graduations and end of the school year, we are going to see a shift in the market that is going to be a bit of an intense summer. But watch the video to watch me "off the cuff" dish. Love y'all. Jo.

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