New Construction Options in Montgomery County - Updated for 2022

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Best New Construction Options in Montgomery County

Montgomery County is a wonderful place to house hunt and I love it for its new construction options. There are even a few master planned communities that I love to brag about. What I love most about Montgomery County is the school district. It is one of my favorites! Check out below for a list of neighborhoods offering new construction options in Montgomery County right now! Some are new construction neighborhoods and some are established neighborhoods that still have/had existing lots left for building upon.

  1. Neighborhood Name, City | Tax Rate | Currently Active Price Range
  2. Bender's Landing & Benders Landing Estates, Spring | 1.91% - 1.94% | $800k - $3M This is my favorite high end community in east Montgomery County. I do also love Teaswood. The most special thing about Benders Landing and Benders Landing Estates are the lot sizes and the fact that they zone to the top schools. To learn more about this community click here.
  3. Villas at White Oak Ranch, Conroe | 1.91% | $400k - $600k
  4. Westwood, Magnolia | 1.97% | $200k - $700k
  5. Bentwater, Montgomery | 2.19% | $400k - $700k I absolutely adore Bentwater. It is a very established and prestigious Country Club Community, right on Lake Conroe. The one thing I like to prepare people for, is that the association fees and mandatory club fees are considered "high" by most. I would prepare for a minimum of $3000 a year. To learn more about this neighborhood click here.
  6. Crown Ranch, Montgomery | 1.97% | $700k - $900k Crown Ranch is a beautiful gated master planned acreage community situated on one of the most beautiful, secluded sites in Montgomery County. The community is idealistic in nature. To learn more about this community click here.
  7. Boulevard Green at Vision Park, Conroe (Shenandoah) | 1.99% | $500k - $700k
  8. Seven Coves, Willis | 2.46% |n $300k - $600k
  9. French Quarter on Lake Conroe | 2.59% | $400k - $700k
  10. The Reserve at Woodmill Creek, Spring | 2.66% | $500k - $700k
  11. Harper's Preserve, Conroe | 2.7% - 3.27% | $300k - $600k Harper's Preserve is another community on this list with highly rated schools, and one-of-a-kind amenities. It has a very close proximity to The Woodlands, making it a top choice among buyers. To learn more about this community click here.
  12. Woodforest, Montgomery | 2.78% - 2.92% | $350k - $1.4M For a while now, I have adored Woodforest. It is 5 minutes from the back of The Woodlands, and features the most beautiful and abundant amenities. It is established and near completion. It has been a favorite among locals for the last 10 years, with most new buyers (prior to Covid) coming from The Woodlands. It is the neighborhood (next to The Woodlands) that I most sell to families. To learn more about this community click here.
  13. Glen Oaks, Magnolia | 2.97% | $300k - $400k
  14. Roman Forest, New Caney | 2.99% | $385k - $450k
  15. Grand Central Park, Conroe | 3.10% - 3.16% | $425k - $550k Grand Central Park is one of my favorite neighborhoods in Conroe. I love it for its masterplan, amazing proximity to The Woodlands and I-45, and for its natural beauty. It is the only neighborhood built on the old Boy Scouts campground. It is really a must see! Learn more about this neighborhood by click this link.
  16. Woodson's Reserve, Spring | 3.21% - 3.37% | $420k - $1.1M Woodson's Reserve is my favorite established neighborhood east of I-45. You can find it along Grand Parkway 99, giving you easy access to the airport. It has amazing amenities that will make you want to never leave home. To learn more about this neighborhood click this link.
  17. Artavia, Conroe | 3.26% | $355k - $720k Artavia is a beautiful neighborhood with lovely amenities. It is hard to compare this neighborhood to another. It is away from town, which one can view as a positive or negative. At this moment the schools aren't the highest rated, but that will change over time. Learn more about this neighborhood click here.
  18. Northgrove, Magnolia | 3.28% - 3.37% | $370k - $1.2M Northgrove is one of my favorite neighborhoods for its location (so close to the back of The Woodlands), for its amazing amenities, and its lovely "sense of community". To learn more about Northgrove click here.
  19. Fosters Ridge, Conroe | 3.3% - 3.33% | $300k - $410k Fosters Ridge is one of the only neighborhoods left with new construction that happens to zone to the "same schools of The Woodlands". It has sidewalks, a swimming pool, and features D.R. Horton as the neighborhood builder. To learn more about this neighborhood click here.
  20. Woodtrace, Pinehurst (Tomball) | 3.33% - 3.43% | $280k - $770k Woodtrace is my favorite neighborhood in Tomball. It is gated, located right off Highway 249, has a natural spring fed lake, and beautiful amenities. Learn more about this neighborhood by clicking here.
  21. Raburn Reserve, Tomball | 3.34% | $400k - $500k
  22. The Woodlands Hills, Willis (Conroe) | 3.35% - 3.58% | $310k - $750k The Woodlands Hills is my favorite master planned "out of the city" community. The amenities it offers are out of this world. What is also really neat about this community is that it is being built by the same developer of The Woodlands and Bridgeland.
  23. The Highlands, Porter | 3.42% - 3.67% | $313k - $700k The Highlands is my new favorite neighborhood. They just began construction on this community, and it will feature lakes, playgrounds, and a brand new golf course. It will also feature on site elementary and middle schools. The location is right off of Grand Parkway 99, just after Woodson's Reserve.
  24. Meadows at Imperial Oaks, Conroe | 3.42% | $387k - $525k Meadows at Imperial Oaks is another community east of I-45, just located right off of Grand Parkway 99. This is a newer community with amenities and a master plan. The schools aren't as good as the ones on the south side of Grand Parkway 99, but still rated well. Learn more about this neighborhood by clicking here.
  25. Tavola, New Caney | 3.43% - 3.58% | $230k - $600k
  26. Woodridge Forest, Porter | 3.43% - 3.68% | $300k - $550k
  27. Kingwood Royal Brook, Porter (Kingwood) | 3.5% | $365k - $420k
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