New Construction Neighborhoods with Low Property Tax Rates | Featuring Sugar Land, Missouri City, and Pearland

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So I know "Texas Property Taxes" are going to be on your mind if relocating from out of state or if transiting from renting to buying your friend home. While property tax rates in Texas are higher than many states, I do gently remind you that we do not have state income tax here in Texas. Most new construction neighborhoods come with a high property tax rate "price tag", and there is a good reason for this. For a full index of how Texas Property Taxes work, please visit this blog post.

Most new construction neighborhoods are being built out in undeveloped or newly developed areas. This means infrastructure must be built to support this new neighborhood and area. The two types of infrastructure that end up being the most expensive are water and sewer. The method in which water and sewer are delivered to an area is typically a water district, known as a MUD (municipal water district). This entity must be established, be government backed, and must take out loans in the form of bonds. These bonds are usually near a billion dollars, and must be paid back over time. The people who pay this back are the residents of these homes. Over time as the area grows, the property taxes (MUD taxes) go down. So do keep in mind, the higher than normal property tax rates are not permanent.

With that said, there are some areas that have lower than normal property tax rates. I, as a local, consider anything below 3% to be a low property tax rate, and anything above 3% to be a high property tax rate. I have even seen property tax rates in the 4s below. Yikes, indeed!

So below you will find a handful of neighborhoods in the three featured cities: Katy, Tomball, and Cypress. Along with these lists, you will see the lowest property tax rate in the neighborhood (January 2022), and you will see links to homes for sale in these clutters of neighborhoods. Please let me know if you have any questions, or you would like any lists from any other cities. And when you are ready, please reach out to me. I would love to not just be your realtor, but your resource. Hugs, Jo.

And if you are looking for neighborhoods in Tomball and Spring with low tax rates, but new construction is not on your mind, please check out this blog post.

If you are looking for New Construction Neighborhoods with Low Property Tax Rates | Featuring Katy, Cypress, and Tomball, please check out this blog post.

New Construction Neighborhoods with Low Tax Rates

Sugar Land TX
- Lake Shore Harbour | 2.38%
- Majestic Pointe at Riverstone | 2.56%
- Avalon at Riverstone | 2.58%
- Riverstone | 2.75%
Runner Ups: Imperial.

New Construction Neighborhoods with Low Tax Rates | Sugar Land TX |

Pearland TX
There really aren't any low tax rated neighborhoods in Pearland, but Cypress Village, Highland Meadows, and Riverstone Ranch are lovely neighborhoods in Pearland.

New Construction Neighborhoods | Pearland TX |

Missouri City TX
- Sienna Plantation | 2.6%
- Manors at Riverstone | 2.84%
- Jade Island Lake Olympia | 2.84%
Runner Ups: Dry Creek Village, Mustang Trails, and Park's Edge.

New Construction Neighborhoods with Low Tax Rates | Missouri City TX |

Keep in mind that not all of Sienna has the super low tax rate.

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