My Five Favorite Day Trips from Katy TX

Hi there. Sometimes it's good to get out of your bubble and do something different for a change, so today I wanted to share a list of some great places to venture out to on your next day trip!

  1. Messina Hof Winery - Bryan: This is the 4th largest winery in Texas & one of the largest producers of 100% Texas wines. You can take a tour of their amazing & scenic vineyard, production spaces, & barrel rooms, and they have an award winning restaurant in their Vintage House with dishes that are paired with their wines. There's also a vintage, estate style bed & breakfast on site that is to die for, so you can easily turn your day trip into a special weekend getaway.
  2. Henkel Square Market: Round Top's iconic historic square was transformed into a very fun outdoor hub for shopping, dining, & entertainment. The many different shops & restaurants are inside original homes built in the 1800s, you'll feel like you've stepped back in time when you come here. You'll definitely be snapping pics the whole time.
  3. Bellville: The city of Bellville has so much to offer & is full of history. There's so many tours to do here like Bellville Historic Homes & Structures, Bellville Downtown Square, and their historic Blacksmith Shop. You can also tour Newman's Castle, which is a huge Medieval castle with an actual moat built around it & a 3,000 pound hand-operated drawbridge, it's truly one of a kind.
  4. Hatari Wildlife Park: This drive-thru safari lets you see all kinds of exotic animals that you wouldn't get to see normally, it's an animal lovers paradise. The many different animal species all have their own specific habitats that meet their needs, there's the dunes, wetlands, small islands, a lowland forest, Sahel range, and more. You'll see animals like lemurs, wildebeests, camels, zebras, and so much more, the list of animals to be seen is endless. There's even an area where you can feed giraffes, a place to pet barnyard animals, and a restaurant to get great food & drinks.
  5. Fayette Lake: If you're wanting a fun or relaxing day on the water, this 2,000 acre lake is perfect. People go there often for great fishing since they're known for their large mouth bass, and also have lots of tilapia, catfish, & carp. There's multiple parks with picnic areas, and there's places to camp or even stay in a cozy cabin.  It also tributes to Colorado River where you can swim, go tubing, kayak, canoe, and more.

I hope you find this list useful in planning your next outing, and feel free to comment & let us know if there's any other special places you think should make the list! download_our_local_maps We are so happy you found our little corner of the interwebs. We look forward to y'all reaching out to us. We love to answer questions and welcome them. Recently we created some local maps, and you can download those by clicking the image/link above. Below, you will find an index of some very helpful information to assist you in learning more about the Houston suburbs. If you are relocating to our neck of the woods, we hope you reach out to us, because we would love to help you by being your local realtor and friend. Thoughtfully written for you. Hugs, Jo.  

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