MoCo Food Hall - Conroe, TX

Here at Jo & Co., we love exploring the surrounding areas and we just found a new spot in Conroe, TX! Who doesn't like finding a new spot to eat at!? Better yet, this place offers multiple eats under one roof, that's right, we are talking about the new MoCo Food Hall! Here you will be able to find a little bit of everything.

Tucked in the heart of downtown Conroe, you won't miss the hip vibe of MoCo. The rooftop lounge area strung with lights will catch your attention and lure you into the wonderful space of community! You are promptly greeted by the kind workers the moment you step in. You will want to take a moment to walk around and see all the different food options and take in the aesthetics. They also have a movie or tv show playing constantly with a row of theater seats if you want to enjoy sitting down for a while.

Here are the food concepts you will find in the food hall:

Ciccio's Pasta

Made from scratch every morning! This is where we decided to grab some food and you won't want to miss out. The Chicken Alfredo was so creamy and packed with flavor. They offer fresh salads, traditional pastas and desserts along with freshly made pizza. Fitted with a kids menu and appetizer menu, they also offer brunch on Friday's and Saturday's in the morning. The brunch menu consists of donuts, steak and eggs, waffles and more! We were pleasantly surprised at the quality and freshness of the pasta. The staff was nice and patient with us while we took some time to browse the menu.

Rollin' Phatties

In need of some Pakistani food? Rollin' Phatties is the stand to stop at! It's a specialty fusion concept combining South Asian flavors with international elements. They are known for Paratha Rolls, otherwise known as Phatties, which are wraps filled with chargrilled meats and homemade sauces. Taking favorite parts of their mom's homemade dishes mixed with a modern twist, you'll want to line up to taste the flavorful food.

House of Roux

With the Owner and Chef, Abbey Hebert, being born and raised in Louisiana, you know this Cajun Spirited Kitchen is going to be authentic and family oriented. Everything is made from scratch and with the help of her Texas native husband, they teamed up to combine their passions. You will find the daily lunch plates change weekly for a refreshing diversity. They have regular menu items too such as Cajun classics, Boudin Balls and Gator on a Stick, along with some house originals such as the Crawfish & Spinach Bread Bowl and Gumbo Pot Pie. They also offer a Blackened Tuna Salad, Chicken Salad and Chicken Salad Sandwich for a lighter lunch.

Super Smash Burgers & Fries

The name says it all, burgers that are smashed! They smash the patties and put them on a perfectly toasted bun. With it being true smash burgers, they top them with their house made sauce that you can't resist. They offer the classic burgers along with their combo burgers. Along with the smashed burgers, they offer some yummy loaded fry combinations.

Juice Freaks

At Juice Freaks, they keep everything 100% real and 100% organic. Sourcing from local farms in Texas, they are on a mission to help you become a better version of yourself. They aim to bring awareness to the benefits and healing aspects of raw organic fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices. Their fridge was stocked with fresh juices, I tried The Mermaid juice and I fell in love all over again. The pineapple mixed with coconut milk really gave me a refreshing kick in the afternoon after being in the sun for a while. They offer not only juices but also cleanses and herbal blends. They offer over 15 different juice but if you are in need of a special juice mixture or need help with a customized tonic, let them know and they will be happy to help! They were very kind with explaining the different juices and helping with any questions.

Dulce Vida

This all-natural gourmet sorbet and sherbet shop is unlike any other I have seen before. They are a small batch, hand crafted and locally made in Houston! With using fresh fruits to create these flavors with a latin twist, they offer some alcohol infused flavors. You will find their fruit menu along with the adult menu if you want to branch out and try something new. It is all dairy-free and gluten-free so even more people can enjoy these treats!

MoCo Coffee

Tied in with MoCo coffee is Miracle City Bakery and Breakroom Bagels! You will find all your caffeine needs here as you load up with their fresh coffee. The beans are roasted fresh from a local roaster in Houston! The bagels from Breakroom Bagels are made from scratch everyday and they strive to bring quality with affordability. Each bagel is boiled and baked for the perfect fluffiness and chewiness. Miracle City Bakery offers your all time favorite baked goods.

Vault Bar

The secret of this food hall is the hidden bar behind the vault doors. If you find the vault door, you'll be able to access the speakeasy! You'll have to try it for yourself but we heard it has the old time-y feel once you're in.

Next time you find yourself asking "What do we want to eat?", head on over to MoCo and you'll find something! Let us know in the comments or in our DM's on Instagram if you try this place out and if you are able to access to speakeasy @jordanschilleci and @byjoandco


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