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Good morning friend.

Today, I'm so thrilled  a brand new video we just published about the common HUGE mistakes people make when trying to sell their home in Spring Texas. There are three things that the majority of all sellers wonder about, what's my house worth? Should I remodel? And how do I get more people to see my home? If you find yourself asking these questions, this video is for you. So I hope you enjoy this video, and don’t forget to subscribe.

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Good morning friend! This video is a little bit different than my usual videos. In this video I talk about mistakes to avoid when selling your home. This video was made for my local sellers here in Texas (Spring, The Woodlands, Etc.), but indirectly was created for my buyers as well.

The listing inventory is low right now, and Jo & Co. is trying to create a little wripple in the real estate market pool. Not only do we hope to bring some new listings to market, but we also want to better the folks that don't use us as our listing agent. Our industry needs some better standards, and we are going to try to leave our mark or at least a little impression.

So in the beginning of this video I got a little personal, with the chit chat, because you know that is what I do. I just cannot help it. You are my friend. Lol. But yes, I am back. And not only are my "talking head" videos back, but we just bought a brand new fancy camera to bring y'all more vlogs. And more importantly, more intentional vlogs. I am SO excited. And and and... if you are local, and you want to be featured in a vlog, please reach out. I am so excited to be back... I got a little burnt out on the video a day, so I don't know what the rest of the year will hold, but know it will only be my best. Love y'all. Jo.

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