Jo & Co. is hiring!

We have 3 open positions at Jo & Co.

1. Office Manager - must be a licensed agent, will be in charge of guiding transactions.. This person will be salaried, and cannot be practicing while employed by us. This position is perfect for a transaction coordinator looking for a change. (In office position.)

Apply here.

2. Lead Sales Agent - this person will be allowed to practice, not given a salary, and will not have a split. They will be a mentor to future agents at the brokerage and on the team. Please message for more info. (So the incentive is keeping $20k+ a year in exchange for being accessible to answer agent-centric questions.)

Email me: [email protected].

3. Owner's Assistant - we prefer someone NOT licensed. This position is salaried, and while the responsibilities will be limited, this person will be VERY important in their contribution to team growth. (This is an in person position. Our office is in Spring, TX 77379. There will be room for growth with this position, if the person wanted to get licensed after a year or two.)

Apply here.

Thank you!

Jordan Marie Schilleci

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