How to compare Tomball, Klein and Katy TX.

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So maybe you are new to town, and considering a relocation... Maybe you have a handful of cities or suburbs on your mind, and you are trying to figure out which one is best for you... Well in this blog post I want to help you compare and explore three different suburbs...

Tomball TX, which is a city 35 miles northwest of Houston. Klein TX, which is a major suburb inside of Spring TX and it can be outlined by the Klein ISD school district boundaries. Klein TX is just north (plus a left turn) of Houston TX about 27 miles. If I were to tell you the two best areas where you can get the most for your money, it would be Klein TX and the parts of Kingwood TX with highly rated schools. And lastly, Katy TX. Katy TX is a straight shot west down I-10, and is 31 miles west of Houston.

Keep in mind each suburb, city, and neighborhood has so much to offer. I know that there are so many to choose from in the Houston area, and I know there is one that perfectly fits your needs. If you need help navigating, don’t forget to reach out to me (scheduling a call or email is best).

Two other amazing resources are this blog and our YouTube Channel. The easiest way to navigate the blog is by using the search bar near the top right, or by using the categories. This page nicely organizes the most popular categories. Our goal at Jo & Co., isn’t to just be your REALTOR®, but your resource. Now to the meat and potatoes…

How to compare Tomball, Klein and Katy TX.

I would assume, if you are like most of my clients, you are picking a neighborhood that has the best schools. And this can be because you want the best resale value for your home, when it comes time to sell, because you have children and you want them to have the best possible education here in Texas, or because you plan to have children later on down the road, and you know a good education is a heavy factor in their future.

So considering most want to be within a good school system, the way I recommend you navigate Tomball, Klein (aka Spring TX), and Katy, is that we focus on areas with good schools. Here on the website and blog we have written many blog posts and lists that do just that. I am going to leave some links/labels below for you to explore, and then I am going to add the lists of neighborhoods, I recommend you check out, google, research, and consider.


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Klein TX Neighborhoods to Consider & Compare

The A-rated elementary schools in Klein & Spring TX are:

  1. Benignus Elementary School (Klein ISD)
  2. Brill Elementary School (Klein ISD)
  3. Frank Elementary School (Klein ISD)
  4. Hassler Elementary School (Klein ISD)
  5. Metzler Elementary School (Klein ISD)
  6. Theiss Elementary School (Klein ISD)
  7. Zwink Elmentary School (Klein ISD)
  8. All homes for sale | Link.

My Favorites

  1. Augusta Pines
  2. Augusta Creek
  3. Champion Forest
  4. Gleannloch Farms
  5. Memorial Northwest
  6. Windrose
  7. Homes for sale | Link.

Runner Ups

  • Memorial Creek & Memorial Creek Estates
  • Memorial Northwest Estates
  • Vistas at Klein Lake
  • Preserve
  • Stonegate Court
  • Springbrook
  • Sawmill Ranch
  • Londonberry
  • Homes for sale | Link.

Tomball TX Neighborhoods to Consider & Compare

The A-rated elementary schools in Tomball are:

  1. Blackshear Elementary School (Klein ISD)
  2. Creekview Elementary School (The Woodlands, Tomball ISD)
  3. Kohrville Elementary School (Klein ISD)
  4. Mahaffey Elementary School (Klein ISD)
  5. Schultz Elementary School (Klein ISD)
  6. Homes for sale | Link.

My Favorites

  1. Creekside Park in The Woodlands
  2. Woodtrace (technically Pinehurst, TX)
  3. Fairway Farms
  4. Northpointe
  5. Lakes at Creekside
  6. Champion Lakes Estates
  7. Homes for sale | Link.

Runner Ups

  • Ashford Grove
  • Inverness Estates
  • Memorial Springs
  • Pinecrest Forest
  • Three Lakes
  • Willow Forest
  • Homes for sale | Link.

Katy TX Neighborhoods to Consider & Compare

The A-rated elementary schools in Katy TX are:

  1. Holland Elementary School
  2. Campbell Elementary School
  3. Fielder Elementary School
  4. Shafer Elementary School
  5. Griffin Elementary School
  6. Pattison Elementary School
  7. Williams Elementary School
  8. Hayes Elementary School
  9. Jenks Elementary School
  10. Exley Elementary School
  11. Lindsey Elementary School
  12. Katy Elementary School
  13. Davidson Elementary School
  14. Kilpatrick Elementary School
  15. Wolman Elementary School
  16. Rylander Elementary School
  17. Alexander Elementary School
  18. Stanley Elementary School
  19. Creech Elementary School
  20. Wilson Elementary School
  21. Woodcreek Elementary School
  22. All homes for sale that zone to those schools | Link.

My Favorites

  1. Avalon at Seven Meadows & Seven Meadows
  2. Cane Island
  3. Cinco Ranch
  4. Firethorne
  5. Grand Lakes
  6. Jordan Ranch
  7. Nottingham Country
  8. Tamarron
  9. King Lakes
  10. Woodcreek Reserve
  11. Homes for sale | Link.

Runner Ups

  • Churchill Farms
  • Willow Creek Farms
  • Kelliwood
  • Falls at Green Meadows
  • Cross Creek Ranch (Fulshear TX)
  • Homes for sale | Link.

I know this blog post only compares Tomball, Klein, and Katy, but here are the lists for Cypress, Conroe, Magnolia, The Woodlands, and Spring (specifically the zip codes that are Spring (so this is a larger area)). Montgomery is another option is amazing schools and Kingwood is another option to find value and good schools.

If you are curious what the pros and cons of each area are, I can break it down pretty simply. Katy has the best schools if you have a healthy budget. Katy is going to also be the most congested. Tomball is going to be great schools for a healthy budget a breath of fresh air. Katy and Klein have the best shopping. Klein and Tomball have great access to The Woodlands TX. If you have to commute into Downtown, each city is pretty comparable, but if you have to drive to the Energy Corridor, Katy will be a better option. If you are looking to spend lots of time outdoors, Klein and Katy have the best parks. I would say Klein and Katy have the best restaurants. Sooo... That is all I can think of for now... Oh... The temperature in Katy is a tiny bit warmer, because they have more concrete. Lol.

The most important question to ask yourself...

So if you are comparing these three suburbs/cities, and you are trying to find the perfect neighborhood to plant some roots, the number one question i want to ask you is: what do you want your life to look like when you are not working? I also recommend that you click the home search links above. I encourage you to change the price point to your budget, and to change the square footage to include a minimum or maximum, and see what you get for your money. This will allow you to compare homes in each area without those rose colored glasses.

Hi, Jo popping back in, to remind you to please schedule a call with me. I would love to help you navigate the Houston Real Estate Market, and I would love to help you find the perfect neighborhood!


I am so happy you found our little corner of the interwebs. I look forward to y'all reaching out to us. I love to answer questions and welcome them. I we created some local maps, and you can download those by clicking the image/link above. Below, you will find an index of some very helpful information to assist you in learning more about the Houston suburbs. If you are relocating to our neck of the woods, I hope you reach out to us, because I would love to help you by being your local realtor and friend. Thoughtfully written for you. Hugs, Jo.


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