Best Neighborhoods in Houston TX - Suburb Edition

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Ahhh.. I have no idea why I was so nervous recording this video. Super sorry about that. I think it is because I am recording a sit down video with my braces on for the first time. But any who.. I will be sharing with you the best neighborhoods in Houston Texas. This is kind of a two part series. In this video I am focusing on suburbs, and in the next video I upload, I will focus on city neighborhoods in Houston.


Best Neighborhoods in Houston

1. The Woodlands TX - The Woodlands is an award winning master planned community north of Houston that many think is a city, when actually it is a newly established township. What makes The Woodlands amazing, is the level of dedication and attention that was put into its concept and execution. It truly is a bubble surrounded by the most beautiful trees and water features. The Woodlands was developed in villages, and truly has something for everyone. Homes start in the $250s, but starting in the $400s is where you really find the "good stuff". What makes The Woodlands most loved is the walkability, community wide amenities, and easy access to the best shopping and restaurants! You can learn more about The Woodlands by visiting our YouTube Channel, by emailing us, or even by scheduling a 1-on-1 call with Jordan!
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2. Katy TX - Katy is the second most popular suburb in the Houston area. It is located west of downtown Houston off of I-10. What has really fueled the growth in Katy is its easy access to the Energy Corridor, and the abundance of land availability. There is/was so much farm and pasture land. I believe the true heart of Katy is the new section of Cinco Ranch (2003-2020) and the La Centerra shopping center, which opened in 2007. Cinco Ranch (8100 acres, 14,000 homes) was the first master planned community to hit Katy to really plant their stake. What makes Katy attract families and individuals is its walkable, its intuitively placed park system, and proximity to the city. You can learn more about Katy by visiting our YouTube Channel.
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3. Cypress TX - Cypress has seen some astronomical growth of the last 5-10 years. And with the introduction and growth of the retail centers, it is really turning into the suburb we always wanted it to become. Fairfield and the general area around Fairfield was the original heart of Cypress, but the attention is more in the Bridgeland and Towne Lake are of Cypress now. In Cypress you can find the infamous 290 Cypress Outlets aka, one of my favorite places to shop (Hello Nike, Burberry, Saks off 5th, and so much more. Lol.). If you have never heard of Bridgeland of Towne Lake, you are really missing out. Bridgeland is the fastest growing master planned community in all of Houston. You can find a Cypress playlist on my YouTube Channel!
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4. Sugar Land TX - Sugar Land is the next recommended suburb on the list. What makes this a top pick for buyers is its proximity to downtown Houston and the Medical Center! It truly is the best neighborhood if you want the suburbs, award winning schools, and a 20-25 minute commute that won't make you want to pull your hair out. There are SO many amazing neighborhoods in Sugar Land, and you can find them all on that link below!
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5. Spring TX - Next on the list is Spring! This is probably one of the most established areas on the list and rather large in size. It houses a good section of The Woodlands, all of Klein, and lots of new construction off Rayford along the Grand Paryway 99. I talk a lot about Spring on the YouTube channel. It has so much to offer, and the greatest appeal is the value in the 77379 area. The taxes are super low, and there are some award winning schools that I cannot say enough about! Can you tell I live here (in the Klein area)? I love my proximity to the rest of Houston and The Woodlands. Right in the middle of EVERYTHING.
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6. Tomball TX - Tomball is an amazing community and city that some forget about. I am loving the newer neighborhoods in Tomball, and the school district as a whole. If I were to move anytime soon, I would either move to Montgomery County or seek out Tomball ISD in the rural areas. We are desperately wanting land, but not sure it is the right move right now.
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7. Fulshear TX- Oh my gosh, I just love Fulshear. I have recently refallen in love with this area. I use to live in Cinco Ranch, and Cross Creek Ranch (my favorite neighborhood in Fulshear) now bumps up to Cinco Ranch, which is in Katy. So you can live in Cross Creek Ranch, with all of its master planned amazingness, and still have all the amenities of Cinco Ranch, while being on the edge of new. I haven't done much on the channel about Fulshear, but if you dig, you will find a vlog. Lol.
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8. Humble TX- So there is something super important to know about Humble: there is the new part and the old part of Humble.. I love the new part. My favorite neighborhoods are: Balmoral, Fall Creek, and The Groves. I also love the commute from this neighborhood to downtown Houston!
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9. Friendswood TX - Friendswood is one of my favorite communities if you are looking to live south of the city. It was founded over 125 years ago as a Quaker community with its roots deep in religion and education. In the 1950s it was viewed as a solid Houston Suburb. 75% off the city is made up of families. Proximity to Nasa, downtown Houston and Galveston, coupled with its award-winning school districts, are just a couple reasons many call it home! Although the city itself is well established (older), there are still some new developments. I love Friendswood Trails, West Ranch, and Autumn Lakes.
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10. Conroe TX - Conroe has been named the fastest growing city in the United States. And it certainly warrants that title because of all the land opportunities. Conroe, just north of the prestigious neighborhood of The Woodlands, houses the county seat and school district for The Woodlands. This area is popular for larger lot sizes and abundance of different neighborhoods in all price points. Also you cannot forget Conroe houses Lake Conroe: a 21,000-acre recreational lake! ➟ Our YouTube Channel:
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