Alvin's Best Neighborhoods Defined by the Best Schools

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The data that supports defining the best schools can be pulled from multiple sources. We have,, and by far, my favorite, the Texas Education Agency (TEA). The TEA is going to be the most accurate and non-biased resource for anyone researching schools. As of February 19th, 2024, the ratings for the 2022-2023 school year have not been released yet. This is due to 100 school districts across Texas fighting against the release of these school ratings. This is rather unfortunate for us, but no worries, we are going to reference the school ratings for 2021-2022. Keep in mind these ratings come two years after no ratings were reported due to the pandemic. I have been doing monthly research looking for an update on the outcome of the lawsuit, but there has been no such update. I reached out to my representative today, so I hope to have an update soon. One thing to keep in mind is that post-pandemic, a lot of schools were struggling. Some schools had their rating dropped, which I believe to be great schools that will rebound. I will try to make note of this.

The Texas Education Agency (TEA) gives a rating A-F. For this article and blog post, I am going to focus on A and B-rated schools and their corresponding neighborhoods. Keep in mind that more than one type of school (more than one elementary/middle/high) services the larger neighborhood, so before buying a home for a particular school, please make sure the school you are seeking is zoned to the home you desire. Another thing to keep in mind is that in the growing areas with master-planned communities, zoning is bound to change. All proposed zoning changes for the 2024-2025 school year have been posted on the corresponding school district's website, so be sure to check there if you are buying a particular home for a certain school. If a school was on the cusp of being an A or B. If that is true for a school, I will note this. A school rated 89 and one rated 90 are going to be very similar. Lastly, some schools have received designations. This means they scored high in a particular subject or have shown drastic improvement from the year prior. I will be sure to point this out as well.

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Alvin's Best Neighborhoods Defined by the Best Schools

There are some new schools yet to be rated. As soon as the ratings have been released, we will be able to update the list. One thing I always tell my clients is that your kids will be going to school with their neighbors. If you like your neighborhood, you will probably like the elementary school.

Let's start with the best schools in Alvin, Texas...

The Best Schools of Alvin, Texas...

A-Rated Elementary Schools in Alvin, Texas

  • Nelson Elementary School (Grades EE-5), 2 Designations | Homes for sale that zone to Nelson Elementary School - Link
  • Mark Twain Elementary School (Grades EE-5) | Homes for sale that zone to Mark Twain Elementary School - Link
  • Melba Passmore Elementary School (Grades EE-5), 4 Designations | Homes for sale that zone to Melba Passmore Elementary School - Link
  • Stevenson Primary School (EE-2)
  • Walt Disney Elementary School (3-5), 5 Designations | Homes for sale that zone to Walt Disney Elementary School - Link
  • Homes that zone to the A-rated schools of Alvin, Texas - Link

B-Rated Middle Schools in Alvin, Texas

  • Harby Junior High School (Grades 6-8), 4 Designations | Homes for sale that zone to Harby Junior High School - Link

B-Rated High Schools in Alvin, Texas

  • Alvin High School (Grades 9-12), 1 Designation | Homes for sale that zone to Alvin High School - Link

Neighborhoods that zone to the A-Rated Elementary Schools in Alvin, Texas

  • Chatfield | Homes for sale in Chatfield - Link
  • Easton Alvin | Homes for sale in Easton Alvin - Link
  • Foxwood | Homes for sale in Foxwood - Link
  • Hooper & Wade | Homes for sale in Hooper & Wade - Link
  • Kendall Lakes | Homes for sale in Kendall LakeS - Link
  • Los Robles | Homes for sale in Los Robles - Link
  • Masterson | Homes for sale in Masterson - Link
  • Mustang Ridge | Homes for sale in Mustang Ridge - Link
  • Ridgecrest | Homes for sale in Ridgecrest - Link
  • Savannah Plantation | Homes for sale in Savannah Plantation - Link
  • Shadow Pond | Homes for sale in Shadow Pond - Link
  • Watermark | Homes for sale in Watermark - Link
  • Whispering Pines | Homes for sale in Whispering Pines - Link
  • Homes for sale that zone to the A-rated elementary schools of Alvin - Link
  • New construction for sale that zone to the A-rated elementary schools of Alvin - Link

  • Bayou Timber | Homes for sale - Link
  • Chatfield | Homes for sale - Link
  • Hooper & Wade | Homes for sale - Link
  • Kendall Lakes | Homes for sale - Link
  • Los Robles | Homes for sale - Link
  • Mustang Ridge | Homes for sale - Link
  • Savvanah Plantation | Homes for sale - Link
  • Shadow Pond | Homes for sale - Link
  • Watermark | Homes for sale - Link
  • All homes for sale in Alvin - Link
  • New Construction for Sale in Alvin - Link

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